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Heh heh heh!  

Well now, lets get this party started!

I play for only myself
Don't try to make a request
You won't find me on a shelf
I am not your average artist

I party from the heart
I party where I want
Other artists play their part
They ruin all the fun

Lables are like the devil
They make you sign off your soul
That music is never real
Personality is not their goal

You want reality and hope?
Maby you want outta the boat
Then get up and toss the dope
Come out and listen to Jolt

You whant something new?
Instead of the same old trash
Then I got something for you
Cuz I don't play for cash

What did those losers think?
You don't hear crap from me
They'll pay me to play their stink
But I don't care cuz I play for free
This was made as part of a roleplay I was doing actually, but I kinda liked it and intended on keeping it for later. It was supposed to be kind of a rap done by my character to a free flowing techno beat, I hope you like it.
Rezistik Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2008
Pretty hot.
RazielShadowchild Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2008
Thanks =^_^=
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